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Article by: E. Coad and N. Zeller, BRICKSHORE MEDIA

With roots never firmly planted in one place, dynamic and driven country artist Jordan Rainer only ever
tethered to one thing, her music. It’s no wonder that she prefers to always be doing something where she
gets to, “go” – it’s all she knows.

Born in Atoka, Oklahoma to the local music ministers, she and her two younger brothers enjoyed a
nomadic upbringing. From small Texas towns to the outskirts of Queens, the constant moving bestowed a
life’s worth of inspiration in the young drifter. As settled as she’s ever been, Jordan now resides in Nashville
where her intricate lyrics, masterful guitar playing and commanding voice are catching the attention of
some of the biggest names in country music.

Jordan was raised by musically inclined parents – her mother a classically trained pianist and vocal coach, her father an award-winning bluegrass musician. It was from her dad that Jordan picked up her innate ability to play music by ear. In fact, Jordan never learned to read music, much to her mother’s dismay. Just like her father, Jordan can pick up most any stringed instrument and be playing a song on it five minutes later. Her parents fostered her creativity by introducing and providing access to an array of instruments, even when money was tight. Though her list of conquered musical instruments is lengthy (piano, saxophone, drums, mandolin, banjo, bass, dobro, and the list keeps going), she has a soft spot for the guitar which she insists, “chose her” rather than the other way around.

At the age of 12 she was gifted her first guitar, a Takamine Jasmine, which she did indeed play until her fingers bled. However, the real catalyst came when a family friend gave her the songbook for Steven Curtis Chapman’s album Declaration. She had idolized the Grammy award-winning Christian artist for his unique chord choices and aspired to become half the guitarist he was. Fast forward a few years and she was playing every song, note for note. Strictly raised on Christian music, it wasn’t until one fateful afternoon home alone that a teenage Jordan flipped on CMT and discovered country music.

Enamored by the stories and guitar slinging of artists like Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, she had found her home. She admits it wasn’t easy to bring her newfound love to her parent’s attention. “It was like coming out of the country music closet,” she jokes.
“Mom, dad, I like country music.” The rest, you could say, is history. In 2015, she solidified her musical journey by making the
ultimate move to Music City with her husband. Within a month she had secured her first publishing deal withBlue Springs Music, operated by fellow Oklahoman (and multi-hit songwriter) Roger Springer. Springer became the driving force behind her move to Nashville, insisting that she belonged in the music industry.

Taking her under his wing, they spent years developing Jordan into the songwriting mastermind she is today. Like her favorite songwriters, Jordan focuses on storytelling rather than just singing a song. Artists like Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton and Brandy Clark are just a few of the writers that she admires for the stories they create. In 2016, she was signed to Black Diamond Row Publishing. Since then, Jordan has been welcomed into many writing sessions with Nashville heavyweights, some of whom she knew indirectly through their songs, like Dean Dillon (Tennessee Whiskey, The Chair), Jeff Hyde (Springsteen, Record Year) and Kevin Brandt (Love Of A Woman). She has found quite the partner in Brandt who she co-wrote her debut single Wearing Out Angles with. The song reflects the rough and tumble upbringings the pair endured on their journey to where they are now. Wearing Out Angels has already captured nationwide attention, leaving listeners begging for more. With her new team’s help, Jordan has developed into not only an artist, but an entertainer and performer.


Any artist that plays rowdy bar gigs knows it will not be their most captive audience. Jordan however, can turn a bar into a private showcase. Much like her music, Jordan’s performance is an art. Though she jokingly claims she just does it for the attention, the truth is she loves being, “captain of people’s emotional ship for an hour or two.” Audiences become enthralled with the passion she exudes while playing. “The headlining act decided he didn't want some girl sharing a stage with him, so he pulled the power plug to the sound system when I came on stage. I ended up playing an entire show with no sound and I made a noisy bar go dead quiet and hang on to every word. As soon as my set was finished, the crowd immediately went back to talking and raising hell.” Though she can turn total strangers into fans, her mom and dad will always be her biggest supporters. To this day, they remain the loudest voices in the audience.

Jordan showcases an artistic vision that will prove her to be one of country music’s keenest working
storytellers, bringing honesty and raw intimate talent back into this genre. Pulling stories from every corner
of her life, she sings with passion and is clearly drawn to the love of music. In a world where female voices
are needed more than ever, there’s no denying Jordan is right where she belongs and is on the path for





Jordan Rainer joined country music star Chris Lane this past spring for a sold out show in Marion, IL, hosted by Pepsi618.


Jordan Rainer celebrated not one, but TWO songs on The Voice winner, Sundance Head's 2019 release, Stained Glass And Neon, including the title track! 


Jordan Rainer played not one but two intimate, acoustic shows for CMA Fest, 2019, and won the hearts of country music fans from all over the world!